Our Academics Settings

Our Creche

The crèche “Busy Bees” is an integral part of the Rock Age Academy, providing exceptional care for the under 2’s. Innovative and engaging activities, both inside and outside, encourage the children to explore, investigate and use their imagination.

We recognize that it is our responsibility to care for your child so they feel safe, happy and secure. Our qualified team work closely with you to ensure that your child settles in well and feels comfortable and confident.

Our Nursery

Our Pre-school curriculum encompasses the areas stipulated in United Kingdom’s Early Years Foundation Years (EYFS) which will nurture your child’s interest and help them to be well-prepared for Primary.

The areas of learning are:
Communication and Language Physical Development Personal, Social and Emotional Development Literacy Mathematics Understanding the World Expressive Arts and Design Your child will also start to recognize and write their own name and develop their communication skills, literacy and numeracy skills through a combination of adult-led and child-led activities.

Our Primary

Key Stage 1 – Years 1 and 2 (Ages 5 – 7) Exploration and Learning the Basics A more structured approach to the day helps children continue their development with learning how to read, write and count in English. We still encourage children to explore and play, and discover the world around them and relate their findings in words and numbers.

Key Stage 2 – Years 3 to 6 (Ages 7 – 11)

Communication and Application of Skill

Children are naturally curious, and in The Rock Age School, we encourage them to learn about things that interest them while consolidating their numeracy and literacy skills. At this stage, we teach children how to apply these basic skills to other subject areas – such as Science, Art and History.

Our Junior High

At this stage more structured approach is incorporated to helps students continue their personal development skills with learning how to research on project works, write essays to help develop their writing skills.

We encourage these young adult to explore and build on their God's given talents, and discover the world around them and relate their findings with their inner attributes aside their academical powers.